Eating too much sodium makes for a dismal scale reading....

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Eating too much sodium makes for a dismal scale reading....

Post  LADMD on Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:21 pm

Well since no one posted a success, I figured I'l post my failure as a lesson for others. While not a particularly heavy-calorie week, my scale is implying otherwise. I've noticed a 1.6 lb gain since Tuesday! The scale says it and my mirror says it. I wouldn't be too upset except it's been a trend--heavy sodium dinner followed by a 1 lb gain the next day. I know I've had a normal diet this week except for my sodium intake. California Tortilla on Tuesday and the grilled cheese and Lipton noodle soup on Wednesday were all really good until a serious case of water retention set in! I'll not do that again, soon.

Now to fix it. I'm trying to drink more--water that is, though I guess if it was alcohol, then I wouldn't care about the scale or the bloat! LOL I will try and stay away from "prepared" foods in favor of home-made. Of course, my body will likely dispose of all this excess water at an inconvenient time, like the middle of the night!

I do have to admit when you gain weight that fast and it shows up in a very visible way, it is a good reminder to watch your diet! Time to start accurately counting my calories (and sodium!) to insure this blip (or blimp) doesn't become permanent. Now, if I could just convince myself to resume my running.....


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